Fitness with a Vision

“I just want to move and feel better in my body!” In my 20 plus years in practice, I have heard this phrase over and over from my clients. Let’s face it, aren’t we all just trying move more and feel the best we can in our bodies? Whether you’re lifting weights, doing crossfit, running, practicing yoga or taking a fitness class, the end goal always seems to be pain management, improved flexibility, and improved performance.  With my Freedom Movement Therapy system I believe we can help you do just that!

Welcome to Freedom Movement Therapy

Freedom Movement Therapy FMT is a mindful yet dynamic movement system that encourages individuals in connecting with 6 key elements of earth, metal, water, wood, air and space. In connecting with these key elements it calls us to engage with our true roots of tradition and physical cultures. As most of us tend to spend a good amount of time indoors, it is important to move our bodies in ways that reset our biorhythmic clocks to our naturalistic environment. Freedom Movement Therapy integrates a multitude of therapeutic and dynamic movement art traditions to help free the mind, get your body moving and heal the soul!

Our Mission
Enrich your life with the integration of bodywork and natural fitness. Our goal is to help you feel and move better in your body and have sustainable results!

⸺ Lacouir Yancey (Owner)