Lacouir Yancey

Lacouir D. Yancey (Bboy Spirit), LMT, CPT, CES, Owner of Ymassage Bodywork & Natural Fitness practice and clinic since 2004, is a licensed Tuina massage and bodywork therapist, ACE certified personal trainer and MBG Natural Trainer, Biomechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist and a professional dancer with over 20 years of experience.  In addition, he is Youth Fitness Specialist and Breakdance and Capoeira instructor. Since 2008, Lacouir had been an Instructor at the East West Healing Arts Institute in Madison, WI teaching advanced acupressure points location, Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage), sports massage, TaiChi Qigong and mindfulness movement practices.

A Passion for Movement

Since dancing on stages as a child, obtaining an All American Award for floor exercise in gymnastics in his High School National, and practicing martial arts his entire life, Lacouir has found a common vein of therapeutics within these movement art disciplines. In discovery of these overlaps of dynamic and mindful movement arts he has blended them into a dance curriculum and integrative health system of mind, body and spirit that he calls “Freedom Movement Therapy.”