Natural Fitness

Natural fitness training also known as functional movement is designed to help you safely build strength, optimize movement potential and improve performance by Integrating functional, corrective exercise and mindful movement foundations. This utilizes your natural kinestetic movements to help strengthen, realign and heal the body; also known as functional exercise. Functional exercise is most commonly used to help improve sports performance. It can also assist with bringing awareness to the repetitive strain patterns that can cause chronic pain and tension, for example, working a desk job for hours on end, construction jobs, dentistry, and a multitude of others.

Lacouir coaching a client through curl ups as part of their natural fitness routine.

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WHAT’S INCLUDED- (Depending on which level you choose)

  • Scheduling and guidance with the exercises and movements.
  • You will have access to an archive of on-demand workouts and 16 different pre-recorded  group classes from my “Four Elements to Fit”  series. See FMT fit challenge. These are covid class workouts designed to help you reduce aches and pains, gain better body awareness and expand your movement and strength capacity.
  • You will learn to use Self-care tools such as  form rollers, Tp-balls, back nobbers for acupoints and movement therapy, stretching techniques and more.
  • You will learn basic breath work, mindfulness practices and movement therapy concepts.

See below to figure out what level suits you best?

FMT Level 3

$149.00per month
  • Daily encouragement
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly or 1/monthly 30 minute coaching call.
  • App access to a growing archive of workouts, therapeutic movements and 16 prerecorded classes.
  • Personalized preset program scheduling/calendar to keep you on track and give you the guidance tailored to fit your needs with options on what to do each day to safely to follow your plan.
  • Nutrition coaching and Meal planning

FMT Level 1

$49.00per month
  • Daily encouragement
  • 1/month 30 minute coaching call.
  • App access to a growing archive of workouts, therapeutic movements and 4 prerecorded workout and movement classes.