Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method that involves applying pressure to specific meridian points on the body to relieve pain and remove stagnation. It can release muscular tension and help restore balance to the body. The practitioner applies sustained pressure to points located on various channels or meridians on the body. Sessions are customized to the clients’ needs and the amount of pressure applied varies in accordance with the client’s level of pressure tolerance. Sessions average 60 to 90 minutes; however, many clients require several sessions to complete a treatment.

Lacouir Yancey using accupressure to help a client with shoulder discomfort.


Cupping is often used for ailments such as asthma, congestion from colds or influenza, backaches, and various other myoskeletal aches or pains. The method of cupping involves the application of glass cups to the surface of the skin. The cups are applied to the skin by taking the oxygen out of the cup by the use of an ignited flame. The cup is held above the skin near the area where it will be applied. A cotton ball is then lit, put inside the cup and quickly withdrawn before placing the cup on the skin. This then creates a vacuum suction on the skin due to the rapid decrease of oxygen. The cup or cups are usually left and or moved on the skin anywhere from 3-10 minutes. Cupping will leave a reddish purple mark on the skin that will disappear after about three to seven days at most.


Moxibustion is generally used as a warming treatment to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, low energy or kidney dysfunction, and painful menstrual cycles. The regular treatment of moxibustion can stimulate your Qi (energy), and be used to encourage your immune function as well. The method of moxibustion is applied by the burning of moxa- an herb similar to mugwort. The moxa stick is ignited and smolders, a bit like incense. It is then held close to the skin in an attempt to warm the area where specific pressure points are located in order to release toxins. Moxibustion may leave a reddish mark on the area after treatment but will disappear within hours of the application.

TuiNa Acupressure Massage

Tuina Acupressure Massage, also known as Tuina Chinese Medical Massage, is a treatment based massage that utilizies the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This style of massage and bodywork dates back more than 2000 years and is practiced to harmonize ones Qi energy in promoting balance of the tri-unit (mind, body, spirit). It is also been used in Chinese hospitals and now all over the world to treat conditions of the musculoskeletal system. It has been proven to connect our internal organ systems through  energy pathways that intermesh with our nervous system called meridians.This unique and ancient bodywork practice will help increase vitality thus improving ones health.

Lacouir using accupressure massage on a patient at Y-Massage.

TuiNa Integrative Sports Massage

 TuiNa Integrative Sports Therapy is optimal for stress reduction and general pain management of acute and chronic aches or pains. Tuina helps improve structural imbalances from hypertonicity or under active soft tissues. Is great for helping improve sports performance in pre, post, intra-event, ongoing maintenance, and can be a very effective therapy to help with pre and post surgery recovery.

Freedom Movement (Bodywork) Therapy

During a FM(B)T session we combine active movement with bodywork, acupressure, and trigger points to help release tension and stagnant energy in the body and connective tissues due to overuse or injury. The goal is to explore a series of functional movements until you feel some restriction and then release the discomfort, restriction or pain to create a greater sense of ease and freedom in movement.  During this holistic exploration, the result is a better sense of wellbeing, energy, and flow.

Lacouir Yancey assiting a client through their Freedom Movement Therapy training session.